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For all devices and other repairs please contact us call 01903 899642 for a quote.

Discounts available:

10% student discount

At Smartphone Screen Repair Littlehampton, we understand that being a student can be a drain on your funds, and smashing your phone’s screen could be more likely… let’s face it, accidents happen! This is why we’re proud to offer 10% student discount on all local screen repairs. We want to give you the quality your phone deserves, without bankrupting you.

10% OAP discount

Smartphones are being used more and more prominently by retirees and pensioners in West Sussex. We want to provide a simple, easy and affordable local screen repair service that provides results and leaves you feeling glad you came to Smartphone Screen Repair. This is why we offer 10% OAP discount.

10% services discount (Police, Fire, Ambulance and Military)

To thank our local service men and women across Littlehampton and West Sussex, we offer a 10% discount to the above categories. Providing a sensible price for screen repair that lasts is the least we can do to help these individuals save money and get the repair their phone needs, using the proper technology to do so.

See the iPhone & iPad prices below, for all other phones and tablets please contact us.

Charge Port Removal

iPhone Charge Port Repair

iPhone 5 £35

iPhone 5c £35

iPhone 5s £35

iPhone SE £35

iPhone 6 £35

iPhone 6 plus £40

iPhone 6s £40

iPhone 6s Plus £40

iPhone 7 £60

iPhone 7 plus £60

iPhone 8 £60

iPhone 8 Plus £60

iPhone X Models from £80

iPhone 11 Models from Call for a quote

All our iPhone charge ports are replaced with Genuine Apple parts refurbished from iPhones

iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone 5, 5c, 5s from £35

iPhone SE from £40

iPhone 6 from £50

iPhone 6 plus from £60

iPhone 6s from £55

iPhone 6s Plus from £65

iPhone 7 from £65

iPhone 7 plus from £70

iPhone 8 from £80

iPhone 8 Plus from £90

iPhone X Models from £150

iPhone 11 Models from Call for a quote

We always recommend using genuine parts where possible! Using our OCA technology we are able to provide you with Genuine Apple screens that have been refurbished. Message us online or call us to see our Refurbished Apple iPhone service price list

Broken Screen
Battery Repair

iPhone Battery Repair

iPhone 5 £30

iPhone 5c £30

iPhone 5s £30

iPhone SE £30

iPhone 6 £35

iPhone 6 plus £40

iPhone 6s £40

iPhone 6s Plus £40

iPhone 7 £40

iPhone 7 plus £40

iPhone 8 £40

iPhone 8 Plus £45

iPhone X models £65

iPhone 11 models Call for quote

All our iPhone batteries are OEM standard and show Apples 100% battery health after replacement

Water Damage Inspection

From £20

Don't put your device in rice! Water damage repairs are time critical, the quicker we can dry your device and begin the cleaning the process the higher the chance of repair!

Steps to follow after liquid exposure;


  • Dry external liquid
  • Turn device off
  • Do not charge device
  • Bring device to us for chemical clean


If you don't follow these steps your device will begin to corrode and will cost you more money. At worst, the device will be irreparable

Water Damage

iPad Glass and Digitiser Only

iPad mini £60

iPad mini 2 £60

iPad mini 3 £80

iPad 2 £50

iPad 3 £60

iPad 4 £60

iPad air £70

iPad 2017 & 2018 £100

iPad LCD Repair Only

iPad 2 £60

iPad 3 £60

iPad 4 £60

iPad mini £60

iPad air £70

iPad 2017 & 2018 £100

Please note, iPad LCD's  fluctuate in price on a weekly basis. these prices are a  guideline, call or message us for a current quote


Other iPad (LCD, Glass and digitiser together)

For all models that require a full LCD and screen replacement please call or message us for a quote

For all other phones and tablets please contact us for a custom quote.